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The 1st in a new book series, The Giant Code features 17 stories that demonstrate critical characteristics successful entrepreneurs use to become leaders in their business and personal lives.  This particular edition celebrates Entrepreneurial Giants and the character attributes required for real success, including confidence, leverage, compassion, persistence, resilience, and will-power, just to name a few.

COMMING SOON!  Discover your inner Giant in your effort to be someone else’s.

  • Meditate on the attributes demonstrated in each story
  • Look for examples in yourself, either those you have already or aspire to achieve, in your mind or in writing
  • Answer the thought-provoking questions at the end of each story and look for opportunities to apply each character attribute to your own personal or professional success


  1. Captain Lou Edwards
  2. Chineme Noke
  3. Christine Cipriano
  4. Dan Anton
  5. Daniel Hall
  6. Daven Michaels
  7. David Perdew
  8. Felicia Slattery
  9. Ferlie Almonte
  10. Kristen Clark
  11. Laurie Weiss
  12. Lawrence J. Clark
  13. Mitch Axelrod
  14. Nic Sementa
  15. Nina Kaufman
  16. Sarah Davidson
  17. Scott Smith
  18. Ute Goldkuhle

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